We are a team of builders and visionaries. We've built and scaled 6 to 8 figures brands and we are laser-focused on making Mintify the leading NFT aggregator.
Mintify is founded by Evan Varsamis, a serial entrepreneur, designer and technical founder bringing his web2 experience to web3. He is an expert in NFTs with a deep understanding of the NFT market. Prev founder and CEO of Gadget Flow, a well-known product discovery platform that reaches over 30 million people per month. His work has been featured on Mashable, The Next Web, Entrepreneur, Fortune, Forbes and the Web Summit.

Evan Varsamis

Location: New York, USA
Role: Founder, CEO
A New York-based entrepreneur that has been involved into the crypto industry since 2015, he is the founder of Gadget Flow, a well-known product discovery platform that reaches over 30 million people per month and has worked with over 10,000 customers including eBay, HP, DJI, and many other Fortune 500 companies as well as over 5,000 Crowdfunding campaigns from Kickstarter and Indiegogo. He is also the co-founder of HustleClick, and advisor at Spring Fund, and Crowdreach. He contributes monthly to Forbes, Inc, and AMEX Essentials. His work has been featured on Mashable, The Next Web, Forbes, The Web Summit, and other publications.

Stanislaw Komorowski

Location: San Diego, USA
Role: Co-founder/Administration
He routinely does restructurings, funding rounds, flips to the US, M&As, and advises a lot of up-and-coming or already prominent startups and enterprises from CEE. He has published and been featured in the Polish mainstream media multiple times as an expert on US law.

John Antoniou

Location: Greece
Role: Co-founder/CTO
He operated his own development company for 3 years and then he joined Gadget Flow in 2012. He has worked on the infrastructure of Gadget Flow, a platform that reaches over 30M people per month. He has 15+ years of backend experience ranging from cloud infrastructure, to SQL, Javascript, AJAX, and front-end experience ranging from CSS, HTML5, PHP.

Dan Simerman

Location: New York, USA
Role: Chief Ecosystem Officer
Pre-crypto Dan was building out regulatory enterprise software for Wells Fargo. Managed some of Conde Nast’s famous brands and in 2017 he joined crypto full time and began building out valuation frameworks. He has previously worked with billion dollar protocols bouncing between research, development, and market adoption roles.

Aleksandar Durcok

Location: Boston, USA
Role: COO
His Web3 journey begins back in 2018 when he dived deep into a rabbit hole. With a clear vision and ability to see the bigger picture, he’s eager to fix what’s broken in web3 space, help the onboarding process of newcomers and leave his mark in the blockchain history. Alex is the COO of Mintify, actively managing the moderators, and curation team daily and he is in charge of business partnerships in collaboration with the CEO.

Aydin Yalcinkaya

Location: Ottawa, Canada
Role: Front-End Developer
Aydin Yalcinkaya is a second year student at the University of Ottawa, studying Computer Science. He has been in the crypto space since 2017, and recently entered the NFT space to help build the future of the metaverse. Aydin is responsible for our API endpoints, Discord, Telegram bots.

Mark Martinez

Location: Florida, USA
Role: Senior Back-end Developer
Mark is a Miami-based Software Engineer, with an extensive background in building and maintaining complex web platforms. Previous industries include national advertising, health, commercial real estate, and global travel. He is a crypto and NFT enthusiast, looking to make web3 more inclusive and secure.

Toni Makhoul

Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Role: Senior Analyst
Toni has been passionate about tech, gadgets and gaming, constantly researching the latest and greatest. A recent downturn of events in the country's banking sector has led him to embark on a new journey in Fintech and dive head first into Web3, eventually pursuing his MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currencies.

Simon Starkman

Location: Chicago, USA
Role: Senior Analyst
Simon has been working in the content creation and influencer industry for the last 8 years. Simon is currently an Alpha Caller and Project Advisor for private groups and flips JPEGs all day. He is currently curating most of the upcoming drops.

Tom Tudor

Location: Montreal, Canada
Role: Analyst/Sales
Tom Tudor is an undergraduate student at McGill university studying computer science and economics. He has found his way in Web3 working with NFTs and crypto futures. Tom is responsible for most of the collaborations and 1-click whitelist opportunities that we share daily with our community.

Joel Fennell

Location: Khon Kaen, Thailand
Role: Community Moderator
Joel is an NFT/Crypto/trading enthusiast and investor, global traveler, football fan and passionate fisherman. After 14 successful years in investment banking, he took a career break and moved to Asia to follow his passion.

Elie Makhoul

Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Role: Analyst/Sales
Elie has been a business owner since 2014 and was involved in development and sales. Started his research about blockchain tech which led him into the world of NFTs and the immense potential of Web3. LinkedIn: Twitter:

Jacob Orr

Location: New York, USA
Role: Technical Analyst
Jacob is a data, analytics, and web3 fanatic. He has spent the past 5 years in the crypto space and recently entered NFTs with a variety of transferable knowledge surrounding technical analysis, market dynamics, and market psychology. Jacob will be applying his experience to provide our community with the high-quality market and asset analysis.