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A complete changelog for all updates, improvements, new features across all Mintify products. New versions are pushed live between Monday to Friday.
The latest version has been published on 11/24/23 5 pm EST.

v1085 New Snipe and Insane Gas Presets

  • Introducing Snipe and Insane mode gas presets. You can now snipe competitively listings from 3rd party marketplaces through Mintify. Snipe mode will always have a higher priority/max fee compared to other marketplace defaults from OS Pro and Blur and insane mode...well you get the idea.
  • Improved Collection Offers modal by enforcing the two decimal limits set by Blur
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from seeing their NFTs in their portfolio
  • Added support for additional SVG metadata

v1084 Improved Mobile Layout and Bug Fixes

  • Added a new tooltip to better onboard new users and show them around the module modal
  • Added the collection name under ProChart on mobile
  • Improved mobile sweeping toggle
  • Fixed a bug that showed only OpenSea top offers to some users under their wallet
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from accessing the wallet module.
  • Added metadata to each collection when sharing Mintify links. You'll now see each collection's image, title and description.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from placing collection offers on Blur
  • Improved support for Blend transactions

v1082 Actions Menu and Pending Transactions for Tokens

  • New Feature: Introducing the new Actions Menu. Quickly navigate between pages such as Market Overview, Direct Mint, Trending Collections, and your Portfolio.
  • Pending Transactions for tokens are now visible in both Table and Gallery views under the Tokens module.
  • Improved Pending Transactions for the Trending Collections module.

v1081 New Dedicated Portfolio Page

  • New Feature: You can now manage your portfolio, accept bids, and mass list through our new portfolio page. Activity, and active listings are coming soon. You can access the portfolio page using your account dropdown on the top right corner or by clicking the "enlarge" icon in the wallet module.

v1080 Gas Improvements, Bug Fixes

  • Gas Presets are now bound to your wallet. If you log in from another device using the same wallet you'll see the gas settings that you've previously selected.
  • Improved scrolling on mobile
  • Improved Sweeping flow
  • Improved our new revealer mechanic to remove already generated images from the cache while a collection is being revealed therefore further decreasing the reveal time.
  • Improved Safe Mode: You now see an icon for flagged tokens both in list and gallery mode, if Safe Mode is on you'll automatically skip those tokens when sweeping.
  • Added support for SVGs

v1079 Introducing Gas Presets

  • You can now select your Gas settings using the dropdown on the header. There are 3 presets, Normal, Fast, and Turbo that are being updated every 2 seconds. You can further customize your gas settings by clicking "Custom" and setting the priority fee. We've integrated Gas settings in the header so you can use it across different layouts and pages such as Direct Mint. Your gas settings won't change your wallet settings as they are bound to the terminal.

v1078 Introducing Revealer 2.0

  • Revealer 2.0
    • We've refactored our revealer app from the ground up.
    • Revealing a 10k collection will take seconds
    • Calculating the rarity + revealing the traits will take under a minute
    Wallet Improvements
    • When you buy a new NFT it now instantly appears in your wallet
    • You can now sort the NFTs in your wallet based on floor, top offer, time purchased, or cost.
    • We've improved the responsive state of the gallery layout
    Other Improvements
    • Fixed a bug that collapsed the filters modal when selected a trait
    • Improved the wallet connection flow by removing the extra step when connecting your wallet.
    • New Layout "Advanced" is now live
    • Improved the time that it takes to update and remove token IDs that have been purchased under the Token module.
    Coming later this week
    • Gas Presets
    • Dedicated wallet management page

V1073, New Raffle Pages and Bug Fixes

  • You can now click on each raffle in the XP Store to get more details as well as see the mid-season winners if the raffle has ended.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some users to not see the actual amount of Genesis Keys held under the account dropdown.
  • Improved the reliability of the Wallet Connect app in our terminal and XP Store.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from buying listings from the Listings Module
  • Fixed a bug in the Sell Wall module that prevented Blur listings from showing.
  • Improved the responsive states of the XP Store.

V1072, SZN2 is Live, Direct Mint Module and More

  • All Genesis Keys are activated for SZN2, Passive and Trading XP is enabled, and Direct Minting through Mintify now grants XP for every free and paid mint!
  • Redeem your Seasonal XP for rewards:
  • Season XP: Capped to 1000 XP/day (resets at 12 pm UTC)
  • All-Time XP: No Cap / All-time XP is directly related to our future $ME Ecosystem Token
  • The leaderboard has been updated to include wallet-bound XP entries along with Genesis holders.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for Flash Raffles! In SZN2 we'll progressively roll out rewards with some raffles ending in hours or days. Stay up to date with the latest raffles by subscribing to our newsletter
  • Double XP events will be announced the same day via Discord, X, and our newsletter.
  • Winners of the Double XP reward from SZN1 will earn double the XP from mints, and trades throughout SZN2.
New Module: Direct Mint (in beta)
  • Mint collections from Foundation, Zora, Manifold, Thirdweb, OpenSea, or any open smart contract to earn XP through Mintify.
  • Each transaction is simulated before it's shown in the module.
  • V1 covers a significant portion of all available mints and we'll be adding support for more launchpads, and contract types in the coming days.
  • We are also working on a full page module that shows you real-time analytics per collection such as mints per block, avg. wallet age, etc. We are planning to launch this in the coming days.
  • We are introducing an experimental fee of 0.00009 per token minted.
  • The router contract is immutable.
  • Please note that by using the Direct Mint module you agree to our Terms of use -

v1071, Tokens Module Improvements

  • We now hide listings from multiple marketplaces by default and only show you the cheapest listing.
  • Added the option to see All Listings from all marketplaces under the Tokens Module
  • Fixed a bug that resulted to deselecting tokens when you were scrolling through multiple pages of listings.
  • Fixed a bug that broke the header of the upcoming drops app in some resolutions.

v1070, Filter Improvements, Bug Fixes, and More

  • Improved Trait filtering by sorting traits based on alphanumerical order.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from seeing all collection activity when using filters.
  • When you deselect a trait the Activity, and Listings Module revert to showing all the activity of the collection.
  • Improved our broom: When you sweep through Mintify and your transaction goes through we'll now automatically deselect all the tokens.
  • We've reset Season XP for all Genesis Keys but you can still earn All-Time XP in between Seasons. You can now use your account's dropdown to see your All-Time XP in real-time.
  • Updated the metadata of Genesis Keys to show their Eligibility for SZN2.

v1069, Getting Ready for SZN2

  • Improved our Leaderboard landing page
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from seeing the video or GIF files on some tokens.
  • Updated the logic of XP Store to automatically pick winners tomorrow at 5 pm UTC+0.
  • The XP Store will be unavailable until SZN2 launches 11/02.

v1068, Improved Tokens Module, Collector Layout, and More

  • Optimized responsive states for the Tokens Module to display more tokens on larger resolutions.
  • Improved the Collector Layout
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from accessing the Michelin collection.
  • Improved the performance of image caching for new collections.

v1067, Major Performance Improvements

  • Added new Edge Cache support for Europe and Asia, the terminal should load instantly across all regions now.
  • Images, videos, and GIFs for tokens are now cached in our local server and not served from the IPFS which means that the top 1000 collections based on volume load instantly.
  • Improved our Image CDN for European/Asian users, prior to this improvement it took 4X the time to load parts of terminal compared to the US.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some mobile users from seeing the Filters dropdown under Token Modules
  • Heatmap Module improvement: You can now see a more dramatic change per KPI selected for each collection displayed.

v1066, Improved Mobile Responsive States

  • Improved the Tokens Module on mobile
  • Replaced the % of Tokens Listed KPI on mobile with 24h change
  • Improved our smart contract logic to include some new lending protocols
  • Improved the Default Layout
  • Improved Listings Module by adding rarity icons and timestamp tooltips.

v1065, New Mobile Layout

  • New Mobile-specific Layout: If you are visiting any collection on mobile the terminal will default to the new Layout called "Mobile" assuming that you haven't selected a different Layout beforehand. This new layout is more simplified with optimized module dimensions.
  • Redesigned the header on the Upcoming Drops website to match the trading terminal.
  • Rearranged the order of the header menu to quickly access the terminal, upcoming drops, and the leaderboard.
  • The Trending Collections Page now show you the top collections based on 24h volume instead of 1h volume.

v1064, Revamped Token Listing Modal, Royalty Adjustments, and More

  • Completely redesigned the token listings modal and added the option to adjust royalties to each marketplace using real-time minimums and maximums from each marketplace.
  • Added a new animation when you get the transaction confirmation notification.
  • Improved the performance of the Tokens Module

v1063, New Rarity Icons, Bug Fixes and More

  • Added new rarity icons to the Tokens Module (additional modules will follow next week). Gray = Common / Green = Top 25% / Yellow = Top 10% / Purple = Top 5%
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from navigating between the recently dropped timeframes.
  • Fixed a bug that showed the inaccurate dropped date for some collections under Recently Dropped.

v1062, Token Previews, Filtered Modules, Collection Offer Improvements

  • Improved our Filter logic: When you filter collections based on traits certain modules will now update to reflect your selection such as Activity, Bids, and Listings.
  • New Feature: You can now click on the token ID under the Tokens Module (available both on gallery and list view) to see more details about the token in a pop up format, you can also close the pop up quickly using your ESC key or open the token in a dedicated page using the "Open" button on the top right.
  • Collection offer Improvements: You can now enter the amount of WETH per token instead of the total amount under the Collection Offer modal.
  • Renamed the "Price Per Token" field under the Collection Offer modal
  • Added a new field called "Total Amount" that shows you the total WETH you are committing based on the quantity you've selected under the Collection Offer modal.
  • Added a warning when you are sweeping multiple listings from Blur as they are rate limiting their API calls. if your transactions fail try selecting fewer listings.

v1061, Filter Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • You can now see how many traits you've selected from each trait category.
  • Fixed a visual bug on the XP Store that showed negative Available Season XP to some users.

v1060, Available XP, Collection Offers, Safe Mode, and More

  • You can now see the available Season XP you have using the trading terminal profile dropdown on the top right corner.
  • Added collection offers to token pages
  • New Token Verification Page: You can now see the available XP each token ID has using this new page and before buying Genesis Keys.
  • XP Store Update: You can now see the end date of each raffle underneath the title.
  • Safe Mode: This mode will be on by default on the Tokens Module and it automatically skips flagged tokens across different marketplaces when you are sweeping.

v1059, XP Store is Live

v1058, New Alphabot Module

v1057, Recent Search, Weekly Leaderboard Challenge

  • The top 5 most recent collections you've searched are now visible under the search dropdown.
  • You can now see your Weekly Season XP in the leaderboard. The top 50 wallets between Sundays at 12 am will get their Weekly Season XP doubled.
  • Fixed a bug under the Collection KPIs module that prevented some users from seeing the unique holders for some collections.

v1056, Add and Remove Columns/Rows, Infinite Scroll Improvements

  • [MAJOR] You can now click the "Resize" option on the top right corner and delete individual modules or columns from your layout as well as add more columns, rows, and modules. (e.g.
  • Added infinite scroll to the Bids module
  • Added infinite scroll to the Listings module
  • Added new helpful tooltips to the leaderboard

v1055, Sweeping Increase, Leaderboard Positioning

  • You can now see your position in the leaderboard when you are signed in. The positions are being updated once every minute.
  • We've increased the amount of NFTs you can sweep in one go from 25 to 100.
  • We've improved the performance of videos and images on the Tokens module.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Genesis Key video from playing inside token pages.

v1054, Leaderboard SZN1, Headstart XP

The first season of our leaderboard is now live!
  • Check your Season and All-Time XP using the new dropdown by clicking on your account on the top right.
  • Access our new leaderboard page to see the top 100 traders here
  • You will begin accumulating (10 Passive XP * Number of Keys held) daily until the end of the SZN.
  • You will begin accumulating Trading XP proportionate to your Volume through the Mintify Terminal 0.001 ETH Traded = 0.1 XP (0.01 ETH = 1 XP).
  • Headstart XP has been applied to all eligible Keys.
  • You can now see the exact Season XP and All-time XP each Genesis token has within Mintify. If you are buying from OpenSea or any other marketplace keep in mind that they cache their metadata.
  • We've added the option to see the All-Time XP under the tokens module in real-time.
SZN1: XPeriment-01 is the first of many, and we want to remind you that all systems are subject to change. SZNs, more specifically XPeriments, are highly "xperimental" and will increasingly deviate from what is considered the 'norm.'

v1053, New Heatmap Module

  • New Heatmap module added to the home screen and terminal. Sort collections based on timeframes ranging from 1 hour to 7 days, or based on volume, sales, or floor price difference.
  • Improved the accuracy of the Trending page KPIs by removing some new lending contracts.
  • Removed the mandatory wallet connection to access the trading terminal and home screen.
  • Recently Dropped page added back to the Drops app.

v1052, Share on X and Bug Fixes

  • Added a new button on the top right corner that lets you instantly share the collection KPIs on Twitter
  • Disabled hover states on mobile
  • Improved the load time of large images and videos on tokens.
  • Various bug fixes
  • Our new leaderboard landing page is now live

V1051, Module Search & Shortcuts

  • Added search functionality to our module selector
  • Added shortcuts to the module selector
  • New keyboard shortcut: When you open the module selector you can instantly type in the search the name of the module you are looking for and we'll always preselect the first result you see so you can hit return/enter to select it without using your mouse.
  • Improved Module Menu
  • "Compare" Module improvements - Added the matching collection colors under the tooltip and improved the colors of the graph.
  • New contact us page
  • Improved the performance of the News Module.

v1050, New Module: Compare Floors, UI Improvements

  • New Module - Compare Floors: You can now pick up to 9 collections using the module search to see the floor price difference between collections. We've also integrated it with the Trending Collections module so you can add/remove collections from there. If you want to remove a collection simply hover your mouse over the collection icon.
  • Improved the UI and typography of the home screen and terminal
  • Improved responsive states
  • Improved Upcoming Drops page

v1049, Discord Module, New Layout

  • New Module: You can now access our general channel on Discord even as a guest straight from the trading terminal using the Discord module.
  • Updated the default trading layout
  • Performance improvements

v1048, New Home Screen, Filtered Blend Loans

  • We've rolled out a new home screen that shows you the top trending collections, live mints, upcoming drops, latest headlines, You can navigate to a collection by using the search feature or click on any collection from the trending module, or minting now module.
  • News Module now flashes green when new stories are fetched
  • Fixed a bug on Prochart module that sometimes displayed a 0 volume candle when you zoomed in.
  • Filtered out Blend loans from individual sales
  • Added a new animation when listings are added and removed in the gallery view under the Tokens module
  • Filtered out Blend loans from token activity

v1047, News Module, DeGods S3 Support

  • You can now minimize modules that you've expanded to fullscreen using the ESC key as a shortcut
  • Added support for DeGods S3 art and added the option to switch between the different versions under each Token's page.
  • New Module: News - You can now check the latest articles from Cointelegraph, Luckytrader, Coindesk, Blockworks, Decrypt, The Block, Yahoo, and Kitco with real time updates within our redesigned News Module.
  • Added the option to hide the floor path on Prochart

v1046, Improved Search, Wallet Connect 2

  • Added support for wallet connect 2.0 - You can now connect using all major wallet providers such as Rainbow, Gnosis, Ledger Live etc.
  • Improved Search and prioritized verified collections as well as the ones with higher supply and unique holders.
  • Improved the accuracy of the crosshair on Prochart
  • Added the option to hide the floor line on Prochart under Filters.

v1045, Faster Image Previews, Prochart Improvements

  • Improved the load time for images and mp4 video token previews.
  • Added a new crosshair on the Prochart module that helps you navigate between the X and Y axis faster.
  • Added the option to focus within a specific area using the Y or X axis.
  • You can now reset the position of the Prochart module by double clicking on the X or Y axis or clicking the new "Reset" button on top of the chart.
  • Added support for additional lending protocols
  • Added support for BASE Upcoming drops in our API
v1044, ProChart Improvements
  • Major Prochart Module Update: You can now zoom in/out the chart and scale individual points. We've also made the volume a seperate element that always follows your viewport.
  • Prochart performance improvements
  • Lowered the ceiling multiplier on Prochart to identify aggressive price movements more easily.
  • Improved XMTP/Direct Messaging Module

v1043, Trait Search and Other Improvements

  • You can now combine trait categories using the Filter or the Collection Traits module.
  • Added Search functionality under filters and the Collection Traits module, type in the trait you are looking for and instantly select it from the dropdown.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Prochart module from displaying the floor chart in some collections
  • Fixed a bug that caused some tokens that featured a video to not display the proper metadata when using filters.

v1042, New Collection Traits Module, Collection Offer Updates, and more

  • Improved the accuracy and performance of the bid spread module to include all bids from Blur in real time.
  • New Module - Collection Traits: You can see the traits of each collection within a dedicated module and place it right by the Tokens Module to quickly swap between traits and sorting options.
  • Changed the order we display traits under collection filters from alphanumerical to highest/lowest supply.
  • Collection Offer Updates: You can now set the amount of bids you want to place and your total ETH value will be evenly distributed.
  • Improved the performance of traits and filters, adding and removing filters is now 2x faster.
  • Added an empty state when you select a trait that has no listed tokens.

v1041, Recently Sold Filter, and Other Improvements

  • You can now sort by "Recently Sold" under the Tokens Module. We've also added additional token module columns for the table view that shows you the last sale date, and amount.
  • Added support for mp4 files in gallery mode and token pages
  • Improved module empty states when there are no KPIs available
  • Improved the performance of the Bid Spread module
  • Improved TradingView performance
v1040, [Minor Update] TradingView Improvements
  • You can now see the global floor price for each collection under the TradingView module.
  • Improved the responsive state of ProChart and added a subtile logo as part of the UI.

v1038, DePoints, Seaport Support and more

  • Improved hovering states for the ProChart module
  • Improved the accuracy of the Collection KPIs module.
  • Added support for Seaport 1.5
  • Added a new fallback for new collections with no listed tokens to show all tokens under the Tokens Module
  • DePoints are now visible across y00ts and DeGods collections.

v1037, Captainz Maps, Improved ProChart

  • Completely redesigned our ProChart to resolve some critical discrepancies between WETH and ETH sales. You can now see all sales associated with the timeframe. We've optimized the graph area so you can see sales up to 2.75X above floor and the remaining sales are stuck to the top part of the graph. We've also added additional volume datapoints (instead of just hourly).
  • Added support for Captainz Maps. You can now see the total maps each Captainz Token ID holds in real-time when you are trading. Supporting both the table and the gallery view.
  • Switched the default timeframe of the Trending Collections Module to 24 hours.
  • Improved the Wallet Module UI.

v1036, DePoints, Prochart Improvements

  • Added support for DePoints from Dust Labs for the DeGods collection. You can now see available points (cached every 5 minutes) for each listed token under the table or gallery view. Check it out here.
  • Added Volume KPI under ProChart for all timeframes.
  • Added a new individual sale tooltip under ProChart. You can now see details such as as the token Image, and ID of the token that was sold.

v1035, New ProChart

  • New ProChart Module: We've completely changed our chart library to a more advanced and user friendly that will give us the opportunity to offer more features such as TA tooling and custom settings to each module. Starting today you can enjoy much faster response times, scrolling, and our improved zooming functionality. In the coming days you'll see the new chart library under the Individual Sales Module, the Momentum module and others. Also we are in the process of rolling out another major update that makes timeframe switching instant for all collections.
  • Performance Improvements
  • UI Improvements

v1034, New Module: Custom Notifications

  • New Module: Custom Notifications - You can now set custom notifications for volume, sales, unique owners, and floor changes across all collections and receive either a push notifications on your phone or computer or a direct email. We are working on adding more channels like Discord and Telegram in the coming days as well as webhooks!
  • Improved the default UI of the trading terminal
  • Fixed some UI inconsistencies on the new glass theme
  • Redesigned our homepage:
  • Redesigned our Leaderboard page and added a new timeline
  • Added more endpoints to our API (v1.4)
  • Mintify Studio is coming later this year, a private and modular ecosystem dashboard with deep NFT analytics for institutions, funds, and teams, learn more
  • Improved the gallery view of the Tokens module when switching collections.

v1033, New Theme, New KPI Module and More

  • New Theme: You can now change the dark theme of the terminal to our new glass-like theme by heading over to the Layouts dropdown.
  • New Module - Collection KPIs: We've rolled out a new module that lets you combine multiple collection KPIs such as unique owners overtime, volume, and sales. We'll be adding more standalone KPIs in the near future.
  • Added a new field under your profile to include your BTC Taproot address for ordinals and BRC-20 1-click-WL.

v1032, Prochart Timeframes, and more

  • [Major]: Improved sorting under Tokens module - When you sort tokens based on the "highest last sale" we automatically switch the filter to "All tokens" instead of showing you just the listed ones and revert back that selection if you chose any other sorting option.
  • Improved the log in flow for all users
  • Fixed a bug that showed a broken Etherscan link under some collections.
  • Fixed a bug that where some collection had frozen bids from some marketplaces.

v1031, Dynamic Modules, and more

  • [Major] You can now resize all modules. Click the circle icon on the top right and drag modules like you'd resize a regular browser window from the bottom left or right.
  • Synchronized the caching of the trending page with the collection info KPIs.
  • Improved the performance of real-time bids under the Bid Spread Module
  • Filter categories are now sorted based on alphanumerical order

v1029, Token Filters and Bug Fixes

  • Improved filters and sorting options by removing the "Apply" step.
  • Added a new sort based on highest/lowest rarity option for the Tokens Module.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from placing a collection offer on OpenSea.
  • Revamped the Analyze Layout to include the Sell Wall module and the Bid Spread Module by default.
  • You can now click anywhere outside the filters dropdown to hide the dropdown.
  • Improved the responsive state of Token filters.
  • Added the option to combine filters with sorting options for the Tokens Module.

v1028, Bid Spread Module, Improved Tokens Module

- New Bid Spread Module: You can now see the total collection bids for every collection as well as the size, unique bidders, and the total amount in ETH.
- Improved the Tokens Module: We've added the collection info on the top left section of the Tokens Module. You can now hover your mouse over the collection name to access 3rd-party links and read the description. You can also close the the collection info pop up with ESC or by clicking anywhere outside the pop up.
- New Default Layout: Redesigned the default layout and adjusted the height of side modules. Since the Collection Info module is now part of the Tokens Module you have more real estate to further customize each layout.
- Bug Fix: We've fixed a bug that broke some gallery items under the Tokens table in some responsive states.
- Bug Fix: We've fixed a bug that made the expanded arrow for KPIs to disappear on mobile.

v1027, Activity PnL, Reveal Mechanics

- Activity Module Improvements: You can now see whether each holder sold in profit (green) or in loss (red). You can also hover your mouse over the ETH amount to see actual value.
- Activity Module Scrolling now supports infinite scroll so you can see the entire history of each smart contract.
- Reveal Mechanics: We’ve been working on our new reveal mechanic for over 2 months and we are excited to share that phase 1 is now live! We now reveal an entire collection automatically within 60 seconds without having to manually refresh the collection or each token, that’s for both old and new collections. Phase 2 will be available by the end of the month and it will support on-chain token updates in real time (e.g. when you update the Moonbirds on-chain background you’ll see the change instantly).
- Etherscan Deep Link: You can now find the etherscan link of each collection under the Collection Info module.

v1026, News Module, Token Improvements

  • New Module: News by Lucky Trader, you can now see their latest articles directly in the terminal with real-time push notifications coming next week.
  • Fixed a bug under the Trending page that excluded flagged tokens when showing each collection's floor price.
  • Improved the responsive state of the Tokens Module by always showing the token ID across all resolutions.
  • Removed support for flagged tokens as most marketplaces stoped supporting that feature.

v1025, Momentum Module Improvements

  • Adjusted the colors of the Momentum module
  • Greatly improved the performance and design of dedicated token pages (e.g:
  • Improved the timeframes of the ProChart module

v1024, New: Dedicated Token Pages

  • New: Token pages - You can now click on the token ID on the tokens table (gallery + table view) to get a dedicated page with all the information about each token including activity, current bids, listings, rarity etc. (e.g. page:
  • Improved the grouping of the momentum chart module.
  • Momentum chart module now updates and adjusts in real time.

v1023, New Module: Momentum v1023

  • New Module - Momentum: You can now see new listings, delistings, unique listers overtime from 5 minutes to 7d.
  • Momentum "Listings" View: You can switch the view on the momentum module to see all the new listings that are being created in real time.
  • Performance improvements

v1022, [Major] Blur Bids, ProChart Improvements

  • [Major] You can now place collection offers on Blur, X2Y2, LooksRare, and OpenSea.
  • [Major] You can now place token offers across different marketplaces.
  • Improved the Global Sales and Activity Module to see the marketplace each trade took place.
  • Improved the accuracy of ProChart and included datapoints from Blur.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some collections from showing the verified checkmark.
  • Retired the old Trending Collections page from our MVP and redirected all the links to the new terminal trading page.
  • Improved the Collection Info module and added the option to scroll through the content.
  • Improved the responsive state of the Collection Info, and Gas modules.
  • Fixed an IPFS bug that prevented some users from seeing collections that had their images on-chain.

v1020, Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Added grouping for the sell-wall down to 0.001 ETH
  • You can now search for all token IDs using the tokens module, first you have to switch from Listed to All tokens and then search for the ID
  • Added the option to make an offer in gallery mode
  • Improved the performance of Tokens Table
  • Added new endpoints to our API (v1.4)
  • Renamed Presets to Layouts
  • Redesigned our all landing pages
  • New a new about Us Page
  • Added a new Rewards page

v1019, Sell Wall and ProChart Improvements

  • The Sell Wall module now shows you OpenSea and Blur listings by default and the combined version includes Blur Listings.
  • Fixed a bug on ProChart module that failed to render properly when you were switching between collections quickly.

v1018, OpenRarity, Sell Wall Improvements

  • OpenRarity is now the default rarity for all ETH based collections, we recalculated the rarity of all collections.
  • Instant Rarity: We've updated our reveal mechanics to improve accuracy and efficiency. Moving forward every collection that drops and has traits will be calculated within 10 seconds after each token is minted to ensure maximum accuracy.
  • Improved the rendering of Sell Wall
  • Reveal mechanics improved, we now reveal the entire collection within 2 minutes (up to 10k tokens) and 4 minutes for 20k tokens.

v1017, Mobile Metamask & Coinbase Support

  • Added support for mobile Metamask
  • Added support for mobile Coinbase
  • Improved Collection Info module
  • Improved Tokens module

v1016, Rarity Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Gallery view in Tokens Module now supports rarity colors
  • Adjusted the responsive state of the Tokens Module
  • Fixed a bug that briefly displayed a message "no tokens found" when you were switching between collections.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from sweeping.

v1015, Polygon Improvements

  • Added support for WETH listings from OpenSea for Polygon NFTs
  • Improved Tokens Module
  • Added a loader when you click "quick-buy" or "sweep"
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from sweeping both Blur and OpenSea listings in one go.

v1014, TradingView Improvements, Pending Transactions

  • [NEW] You can now see pending transactions within the token module for the main contracts (Blur, Seaport), we are planning to add support for additional contracts in the coming days.
  • Improved the load time for TradingView when you switch from hourly to daily points.

v1013, Token Table Rarity, and API Improvements

  • You can now see the rarity of each token using a different color so you can identify rare tokens easier when using the tokens table.
  • Fixed a bug that broke the quick buy action in small resolutions.
API Improvements
  • Added filtering for upcoming drops
  • Added pagination
  • Added support for identifiers

v1012, Pending Transactions, Blur Listings, and More

  • Pending Transactions are now available under our new Trending page. We are planning to show pending transactions for each token across all marketplaces and within the Trending module next week. (Pending transactions are visible from Blur, OpenSea (Seaport), as well as direct contract interactions).
  • Added support for Blur listings across all collections as well as direct listing fulfillment.
  • Added New Timeframes (5m to 7d) to the Trending Page
  • Fixed a bug that delayed some sales from appearing under the Individual Sales module
  • Individual sales now show you a detailed tooltip with the token image, and token ID when you hover on each dot.

v1011, Release Notes

  • [Major] Added support for all private marketplaces from Story (Origin), some of the marketplaces include Pudgy Penguins, OnChainMonkey, Karafuru, and others.
  • Individual Sales Module now displays sales in real-time
  • Greatly improved the load time of the terminal when you click a collection from the trending page.
  • Improved responsive states for smaller screen resolutions below 1300 pixels width.
  • Improved the Listings Pop up, you can now list your NFTs on OS, LR, and X2Y2.

v1010, Release Notes

  • [MAJOR]Our new dynamic trending page is now live for both ETH and Polygon NFTs, you can sort the collections based on floor, 1h change, volume, and 24h change instantly
  • [MAJOR]Traits, rarity, trait floors, quantity, and last sale price are now live for all ETH and Polygon collections! You can expand each token clicking the arrow in table view to see more details.
  • When you switch to the Polygon Preset the search chain changes to Polygon as well.
  • Improved the performance of TradingView 1d 1w and 1h timeframes, we are in the process of caching historical data and that will result to instant load times once the caching has been completed later this week for all ETH and Polygon collections.
  • Improved performance and load time of ProChart
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from switching our new trending page from ETH to Polygon.
  • Changed the dropdown logic for all the toggles, when you open a dropdown and click anywhere else it will automatically close.
  • [API Update] Added a new API endpoint that pulls all the upcoming drops from our platform.

v1009, Release Notes

  • Added support for rarity (5%-10%-25%) under ProChart, each individual sale will show up with using a different color.
  • Added the latest changelog updates on the header, you can now click the notification icon to see the latest changes.
  • When you share a collection we now display the name and the description of the collection on the preview.
  • Polygon preset can be accessed with this deep link
  • Improved responsive state for devices below 1350 pixels.
  • You can now sweep in gallery mode by selecting multiple tokens.
v1008, Beta Release Notes
  • Added a new gallery option under the Tokens module. You can now switch between 5 tokens per row or 3 tokens per row.
  • You can now see the marketplace of each token that's listed under the new gallery view, sweeping support coming this Friday.
  • Added support for total supply and holders for Polygon NFTs
  • New Preset "Collector Mode" shows you by default the gallery view and more basic KPIs for each collection.
  • Your preset selection is now saved across sessions
  • Adjusted our wash-trading filters
  • Improved mobile navigation

v1007, Beta Release Notes

  • Quick buy is now available for Polygon NFTs
  • Sweeping is now available for Polygon NFTs
  • Blur listings are now available on the top 10 collections based on 24h vol. For now you get redirected to the listing page to purchase the token.
  • You can now see all the tokens under each collection by switching the Tokens Module from "Listed" to "All".
  • Gallery view is now available under the Tokens module.
  • Improved the Wallet Module

v1006, Beta Release Notes

  • You can now use your keyboard arrows to navigate within the search results and hit return/enter to switch to that collection.
  • When you switch to Polygon you now see the top 5 trending collections based on volume
  • Bids are now available for Polygon NFTs
  • Collection offers are now available for Polygon NFTs
  • Optimized Mobile UI

v1005, Beta Release Notes

  • Added real-time sales, volume, and floor price changes to Prochart.
  • Improved Sell-Wall
  • Added historical datapoints to TradingView (1d/1w), we'll be optimizing the caching to make it instant by next week.
  • Improved ProChart performance
  • Collection offers are now live, you can bid on any collection using SeaPort.
  • Added a real-time indicator for the last datapoint under Prochart.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted to zooming out of the graph when you were changing the timeframe.
  • New Preset: Small Displays with a 2x2 layout
  • New Preset: Fullscreen with a 4x4 layout (ideal for using it with large displays in fullscreen mode).
  • Rolled out support for Polygon NFTs in beta, you can now search for Polygon collections and see what's trending, minting, as well as global sales.
  • New Preset: Polygon, see at a glance everything about Polygon NFT collections.
  • Prochart now displays your local time instead of UTC+0.
  • Improved tooltips for Prochart module.
  • You can now use CMD+K (if you are on Mac) or CTRL+K (if you are on PC) to trigger search. We'll be adding additional keyboard shortcuts for switching presets and quick-buying tokens soon.

v1004, Beta Release Notes

  • Introducing our new ProChart that combines individual sales, volume, and OS floor price.
  • You can now see the "cost" of each item in your wallet on top of the top bid, and current floor price.
  • You can now list multiple NFTs using our "Wallet" module from different collections with different duration and list price price across OpenSea, LooksRare, and X2Y2.
  • We've retired ProDash and now redirect all "ProTrade" links to our new trading terminal.
  • Changed the core domain of the new terminal from beta.mintify to

v1003, Beta Release Notes

  • Gas, and ETH prices are now being updated in real-time on the header
  • In-App notifications are now live
  • Added verified collection badges
  • Added infinite scroll to the Wallet Module
  • Added infinite scroll to the Top Trending Module
  • Added the option to list multiple NFTs from your wallet
  • Performance improvements

v1002, Beta Release Notes

  • You can now bid on all collections/tokens
  • Improved the accuracy of sell-wall
  • Added the option to adjust the threshold under the Sell Wall Module
  • Added infinite scroll to the Top Holders module.
  • Added tooltips under quick-buy and the listings module to show the USD price of each listing.
  • You can now see just the token ID of each token under the Tokens table (we are stripping the names automatically).
  • Added a new module "Trending Collections" with sorting options.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the sell wall from being reset when you've set the threshold.
  • Added a new notification system for successful bids, transactions, and insufficient funds notices.

v1001, Beta Release Notes

  • You can now see the last sale under the Tokens Module
  • Added Grouping under the Sell-Wall Module
  • Added the option to adjust the threshold under the Sell Wall Module
  • Added infinite scroll to the Top Holders module.