👉Getting Started

Mintify, the NFT Orderbook: A fast execution engine for NFT trading. Gain access to rich historical on and off-chain data, NFT-extrapolated TradFi analytics, and deep liquidity.

Available on ETH, Blast, and Base

Official Domain Names

Mintify.xyz, Mintify.me, Mintify.eth, Mntfy.xyz, Mintify.com

Mintify Smart Contracts

Genesis Keys on ETH: 0x67b8afddb494c16b779e6f23e1de5dbf3437f857

Blast Keys on Blast: 0x6712545a0d1d8595d1045ea18f2f386ffca7ca90

FUTR on ETH: 0xb948f35c1c35206a5fb23b77f9e52a01b793c909

Blast Points Contract (for Gold Distribution): 0x4024bB38BA5A8F3726D7D2dd7992A4fC00e8F735

Blast Points Operator: 0x1AEa15D841659d5234e9710e0CB9B060B922F4eA

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