🏆Trading Tournaments

Flash Tournaments are XPerimental activations for Mintify users across all the supported chains.

🌟 Accumulate XP to climb the Trading Tournament Leaderboard. The higher your rank when the Tourney ends, the larger your share of the rewards pool.

🌟 Earn XP every hour for your open bids and listings and instantly whenever your bids and listings are filled. Learn more about the XP system here.

Mintify Keys & Multipliers

  • Keys serve as multipliers for all XP earned. Every additional Key that you hold will linearly increase your multiplier with no limit.

    • Genesis Keys: +0.01x (+1%)

    • Blast Keys: +0.01x (+1%)

    • Base Keys: +0.01x (+1%)

How to Participate

  • Register for the Tournament here https://blast.mintify.xyz/tournament/register. If you do not register, you won't be able to participate until the next Trading Tournament when registration opens again.

  • Users who fail to register before the start of the Tournament will be able to register for future Tournaments after the current has come to an end.

How to win

  • Earn XP overtime for your active bids and listings on Earn+ collections on Mintify

  • Earn XP instantly when your bids and listings are filled on Earn+ collections on Mintify

What are the Rewards

  • Blast Gold, Liquid ETH, NFTs, All-Time XP, Cash Prizes, other Protocol rewards.

  • Accumulate Season and All-Time XP as you usually would while participating in the Tourney

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