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Security & Audits

Below is a breakdown of the internal and external smart contracts used within the Mintify ecosystem and their security/audit status.

Marketplace Contracts

Seaport (used by OpenSea and 3rd party marketplaces), 0xV4 (used by Coinbase), Blur, LooksRare, X2Y2.

Creating Orders

When you create an order through Mintify the listing or bid happens through one of the above protocols.
To list, you must approve the exchange contract to transfer your tokens. This is exactly the same as if you listed directly on another marketplace. In fact, if you have already approved a particular exchange contract through OpenSea, Coinbase or LooksRare, you don’t need to do it again on Mintify.

Purchasing One or Multiple NFTs through Mintify

Single item sales are executed via the order's native exchange contract. Multi-item sales (sweeps) are executed through a Router contract (powered by Reservoir), enabling users to purchase items from different marketplaces in one transaction.

Terminal Audits


Our Discord server has been audited by the team that runs the Adidas, and CryptoSkulls communities and it's protected with anti-raid bots, auto moderation, and a 24/7 moderation team.

Team Management

We enforce 2FA across all services. Our AWS and Google Cloud servers are protected by Cloudflare's Enterprise plan with DDOS protection, anti-bot protection, and aggressive Firewall rules.

Bounty Program

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