🛡️Security & Audits

Below is a breakdown of the internal and external smart contracts used within the Mintify ecosystem and their security/audit status.

Marketplace & Router Contracts

Single item sales are executed via the order's native exchange contract. Multi-item sales (sweeps) are executed through a Router contract (powered by Reservoir), enabling users to purchase items from different marketplaces in one transaction.

  • Mintify/R/ Blast Router: 0x1aed60a97192157fda7fb26267a439d523d09c5e

  • Mintify/R/ Blast Approval Proxy: 0x224ecb4eae96d31372d1090c3b0233c8310dbbab

  • Mintify/R/ Blast Seaport: V15 0x16b7f92cdfc9e1aaf30fc7af8914d539b5340a55

  • Mintify/R Blast Seaport V15/2: 0x00000000000000adc04c56bf30ac9d3c0aaf14dc

  • Mintify/R Blast Seaport: V16 0xfdf5cfbcf6503293046ad686bb7fee8e9885b93d

  • Aggregator Router: 0xC2c862322E9c97D6244a3506655DA95F05246Fd8

  • Mintify Vanity Seaport 0x00000003cf2c206e1fdA7fd032b2f9bdE12Ec6Cc

Terminal Audits

Blast Gold Distribution

  • 0x4024bB38BA5A8F3726D7D2dd7992A4fC00e8F735

    • The above contract will be used to distribute all the Blast Gold received by Blast back to our users.

  • Blast Points Operator: 0x1AEa15D841659d5234e9710e0CB9B060B922F4eA


Our Discord server has been audited by the team that runs the Adidas, and CryptoSkulls communities and it's protected with anti-raid bots, auto moderation, and a 24/7 moderation team.

Team Management

We enforce 2FA across all services. Our AWS and Google Cloud servers are protected by Cloudflare's Enterprise plan with DDOS protection, anti-bot protection, and aggressive Firewall rules.

Bounty Program

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