A Sell Wall is a list of existing limit sell orders populated together in a chart form, showing a cumulation of the listings filtered by price levels taken from a tokens order book.

The biggest benefit for this type of information is to keep an eye on momentum in a projects price action. You can use it to help determine – how many sales it will take for a token to reach higher price levels, and be able to check if it has reached a peak price by seeing multiple listings forming a wall in the order book.

A great use for this is to help you gauge the levels to list a token for sale, by using a comparison of other holder’s current order block listings and working out where to list your asset. You will be able to use this chart to check levels of a listed item you want to purchase; you can compare what others listing are around you and if this is a good level to enter or maybe wait for a pullback and better entry.

Mintify Sell Wall gives you the option to process the order book information using a couple of options – you are able to use a free format Threshold filter ie search in a certain price range for example 1 ETH, from there you can then break this down in to increment levels of up to 4 decimal places to see how many listings are currently in the market, this information will then be reflected in the chart.

Each candle/bar will reflect how many individual listings are in the order book filtered by the increment levels you have selected for your chart range.

The Sell Wall chart would be effectively used alongside the order book listings/sales and also the momentum charts, by giving yourself a better chance of confirmation, for either listing a token to sell or looking where to enter and exit a project.

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