Get whitelisted within seconds without joining a 3rd party Discord server using Mintify's one-click whitelist feature.

Head over to the 1-click-WL page​

When you see the option "Get Whitelisted" within the upcoming collection you can click the button and you'll be instantly whitelisted for that specific collection.
*Make sure to also click "Notify Me" If you are whitelisted for a collection, make sure to opt-in notification so we can email you or message you when this collection drops.

Where can I see the Projects I'm Whitelisted for?

You can see the projects that you are whitelisted for under your Profile<Smart Notifications.

Can I change the wallet address?

Unfortunately you won't be able to change the address. When you click "Get Whitelisted" we use the wallet address that you are connected with on Mintify. In the coming weeks we'll be rolling out a new option under profile settings that lets you use a different wallet address for WL spots.

1-Click-WL Schedule

We've created an internal system that pushes out projects on our platform and Discord using a fixed schedule.
  • 5 AM GMT+0
  • 10 AM GMT+0
  • 1 PM GMT+0
  • 4 PM GMT+0
  • 7 PM GMT+0
  • 10 PM GMT+0


Lifetime, and Lite pass holders have access to our AlphaBot raffles.
  1. 1.
    Go to , connect your wallet and sign the two consecutive requests. Prior to connecting both your Discord and Twitter accounts, make sure you've been verified on the Mintify server with collab land to claim your Discord role/s so that you can enter our Raffles. You do not need to have any of your Mintify passes in your burner/mint wallet to be able to enter.
  2. 2.
    Login using your credentials and authorize Alphabot Discord access.