🛒Buying NFTs

This guide will break down all the information you need to know about buying ETH NFTs directly through the Mintify trading terminal.


You can hover your mouse over the marketplace icon to quick-buy an NFT.


You can use the slider or manually select the tokens you want to buy directly from the table view.


You can make a collection-wide offer or a token offer.

Buying Blur Blend Listings through Mintify

When buying Blur listings currently under a loan, Blur's API will prioritize your BETH balance: If you have 1 BETH & 1 ETH and purchase an item for 0.8 ETH, the returned call data will be bought using your BETH balance. When buying multiple items, Blur handles the price of every item within the order under loan individually, which can create complications: If you have a balance of 1 BETH and you're buying two items for 0.8 ETH each, Blur returns two transactions for purchasing via your BETH balance. Since this will leave the wallet without enough funds to complete the second transaction, only the first purchase order will succeed. After the first transaction is completed and the second reverts due to depleted BETH, the returned call data will purchase any new orders placed via your ETH balance until you replenish your BETH or prompt a transaction for an amount of BETH your wallet balance contains.


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