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Core Features

A comprehensive list of features for discovering, trading, and analyzing NFTs.
We are rolling out new features and improvements on a daily basis. As the NFT market constantly changes we are adapting to the latest trends and technologies so our members can maintain their competitive advantage.

Upcoming Drops

Discover what's dropping through our upcoming drops feed that's being updated every hour. Our team of analysts and curators monitors Twitter, Discord groups, and Reddit so you don't have to.

Smart Notifications

Set your notification preferences (ENS, SMS, Email, Push, Calendar, Discord) and set reminders for NFT projects that are dropping soon. We'll notify you a day before, an hour before, and 10 minutes before each project drops.

Multi-Chain Watchlist

Follow projects that are dropping soon, or established projects that you want to keep an eye on. Monitor their floor price, volume, and set alerts.

Wallet Insights

Get access to your wallet's analytics, monitor your unrealized ROI, profits and losses per project, average floor prices, daily and weekly historical portfolio performance, and more.

Collection Analytics

Analyze collections by checking their floor price, volume, or sales over time, dig into the average, highest, as well as lowest listing price at a glance. Monitor the percentage of NFTs listed for sale, and more.
5-15 Minute trending charts, plus 1-hour, 24-hour, and 7-day charts. Keep track of your NFTs, identify trends, monitor the global NFT Index, or follow promising collections.


Use our SuperNode for faster TXNs and get access to the most reliable infrastructure in the space. Snipe NFTs within seconds upon reveal. ​

Historical Data

We automatically index all the collections from the Blockchain as their smart contracts get deployed and we filter and organize them using our in-house proprietary technology.

Collection Votes

See everything that’s dropping, sort them by the most upvoted from the community, set reminders (push, email, calendar, etc.) with one click, cut the DYOR time by half by seeing who’s behind the project, % of fake followers, Discord members, and more.

Mint Directly from the Smart Contract

Most collections that drop don't have the proper infrastructure to sustain 10-20-30k users during the drop which results in delays, their website going down, and other issues. Using our HyperNode you can mint directly from the smart contract without having to rely on each project's website.

Real-time Mint Data

Aside from minting straight from the smart contract you can see the amount of mints, unique holders, and whales that are minting in real-time.

Sell-wall, and Charting Tools

See the selling pressure for each collection from OpenSea, and LooksRare using real-time data. Identify upward or downward trends using our charts ranging from real-time to all-time data.

Volume, Sales, and Floor Alerts

Set alerts for the collections you follow, if the KPIs change based on the thresholds you’ve set you’ll get notified.

Mint Vs. Current Floor

Check the exact ROI of each collection by comparing the mint price vs. the current floor price.

Market Data

NFT global index data based on sales, and volume. See how’s the market is performing, identify hourly, or daily trends.


Instantly purchase multiple NFTs from multiple marketplaces without ever leaving Mintify and save on gas fees.


Set your target price and start with the lowest possible bid, if someone outbids you, within a second you’ll outbid them until you win the bidding war or the price exceeds your desired outcome.

Follow Wallets

Get notified when a wallet buys, sells, lists, or receives an airdrop.

Quick-buy & Manage your Assets

Quickly list your NFTs and get a suggestion on the price based on the traits you have as well as historical sales, and selling pressure. Quickly purchase NFTs without leaving the Mintify platform from OpenSea, LooksRare, and X2Y2.

1-Click Whitelist

We partner with selected 3rd party collections and offer limited whitelist spots to our members daily. (Mon-Fri) If you are interested in the collection just click "Whitelist Me" and we instantly send your address to the creator without having to join their Discord, or Follow them on Twitter.

Predictive Analytics

We use historical data from similar collections and project the upward or downward trend of new, and past collections by also taking into consideration the global NFT volume index.

Institutional-grade API Infrastructure

Our API infrastructure is built to serve millions of requests and users as well as take advantage of our proprietary Blockchain technology at scale.