⛏️Direct Mint

Starting in SZN2 you can mint ERC721s and 1155s from any open smart contract or the most popular launchpads directly through Mintify and earn XP.

For SZN2 we are introducing a new method to earn both Season and All-Time XP. You can now earn XP from minting directly through Mintify. Here's everything you need to know.

Supported Contracts & Launchpads

✅ OpenSea

✅ Manifold

✅ Foundation

✅ Zora

✅ Sound.xyz

✅ Decent

✅ ThirdWeb

✅ Any Open Smart Contract

XP Attribution

Free Mints: 1 XP Per Token Minted

Paid Mints: 5 XP Per Token Minted


  • XP earned through minting is subject to the daily caps for Season XP (1000 XP/Day) and it resets at 12 am UTC+0 daily throughout the season.

  • You can earn All-Time XP from minting between seasons.

  • Mintify charges a fee of 0.0005 for each token minted.

  • Minting is directly through the smart contract.

Security by Webacy

Starting in 11/11 each smart contract that we index gets instantly audited through Webacy. If they detect anything harmful such as a drainer function the contract is automatically removed from the Direct Mint list. If they detected a spam contract (such as duplicate) or suspcious activity from the deployer the contract will be flagged and flags should be visible to users within 2000ms from indexing.

Coming Soon

  • Support for additional chains.

  • Support for different mint stages including Allowlist.

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