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Genesis NFT Collection

We've dropped multiple collections and recently reconciled all of them under one - The Genesis Collection.

Genesis Keys

Genesis Keys grant access to our Seasonal Leaderboard. You earn daily Passive XP, and the volume generated through the Terminal converts into XP Points. XP generated by wallets holding Genesis Keys will be combined under the individual wallet. You can spend your combined points in the Mintify XPStore to redeem rewards.
All-Time XP will be one of the metrics that determine your $ME allocation along with additional metrics that we'll share at a later date - so, more XP = more opportunity for access to $ME!

Benefits & Utility

Lifetime Tier Benefits:
There will only be 800 Lifetime tier Keys that were migrated from the old Lifetime Pass collection; Lifetime Tier holders enjoy the following benefits:
  • Free access to all future SZNs
  • Discord Access One-Click-Allowlist Access (learn more here:
  • Occasional Airdrops
  • Alphabot Allowlist Raffles
  • 4x Passive Season Points (40 points/day per Lifetime Tier Key) 100 XP Points head start/Lifetime Key bridged
Lite Tier Benefits:
  • There will only be 850 Lite Tier Keys that were migrated from the old Lite Pass collection; Lite Tier holders will also enjoy the following benefits:
  • 25% off all future season activations
  • Discord Access
  • Alphabot Allowlist Raffles
  • 2x Passive Season Points (20 points/day per Lite Tier Key)

Genesis Tier Benefits:

  • Active Genesis Keys earn XP (passively and from trades)
  • Discord Access
  • Alphabot Allowlist Raffles
  • Passive Season Points (10 points/day per Genesis Key)

Genesis NFT Traits:

  • All-Time XP: Shows the total XP earned across all seasons
  • Season XP: Shows the available XP points you currently have
  • Tier: Lifetime > Lite > Genesis
  • SZN# Eligible: Shows if this NFT is eligible for the current season


FUTR One is our official PFP collection that we've launched in December 2022 as a free drop. The PFP Collection was designed in partnership with Nostalgic Scarlett.
Benefits & Utility
  • Discord Access
  • Alphabot Allowlist Entries
  • $ME Allocation

Retired Collections

  • Lifetime Pass [Retired]
  • Lite Pass [Retired]
In March 2023 we've airdropped all of our Lifetime pass holders.CyberTokyo is a collection of virtual real estate penthouses in the Mazer World Metaverse. This collection has been created exclusively for Mintify and it's accessible via Oculus, Android App, and soon on any browser as well as on iOS devices.