Terminal Overview

Modular trading terminal for NFT-Fi, powered by $ME. Discover, analyze and trade digital assets using our powerful multi-chain terminal.
Mintify's trading terminal
You can customize the positioning and size of each module as well as the amount of columns that you'd like to use using our Module menu. You can access our in-house or partner modules and once our SDK is available later this year you'll have the option to build and customize your own modules.
Module Menu

Charting and Technical Analysis

We offer a series of modules and tools to perform TA on NFT collections. From TradingView, to ProChart you can customize the view of each chart and focus on the KPIs you care about.

Presets Dropdown

We've created presets to easily switch between trading layouts. We've introduced a sweeping mode preset that prioritizes the table view of each collection and gives you more room to select tokens, a full-screen mode that's using 4 columns and fits more modules, a Polygon preset that shows you live mints, and global sales of all Polygon NFTs, and a Collector preset that focuses on the artwork.
You also have the option to build and save your own preset as well as share it with your community or alpha group. We are looking to launch token-gated presets with private modules sometime in Q2.

Asset Class Dropdown

Using our asset class dropdown you can switch the layout depending on the asset class that you are trading. If you are trading high value art such as Fidenzas you'd want to get access to different KPIs compared to a PFP collection such as the price appraisal over time module or notable holders, or even find more information about the artist.
We are in the process of using machine learning to automatically classify all NFT collection which will result to automatically switching the asset class layout every time you switch to a collection other than a PFP.
Our goal is to enhance trading by bringing together off-chain and on-chain data to a single terminal and integrate directly with 3rd party APIs.

Search & Shortcuts

You can use CMD/CTRL+K at any point to trigger our search and use your keyboard arrows and Return/Enter to select a collection. Our database is indexing all smart contracts and collections in real-time and it also includes every deployed smart contract on each chain.
To search for Polygon NFTs or any other chain simply select the dropdown from the top right section of the search. Please note that when you are trading NFTs from certain chains the search will automatically default to the chain that you are trading on.
Search on Mintify

Direct Messaging

You can use our XMTP (DM) module to message any ETH address tha has opted in to receive DMs through the XMTP protocol. The first time you sign in you'll have to sign two transactions to enable DMs to your address.