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Wallet Delegation

Delegate all XP earned by your hot wallet to the cold wallet holding your Genesis Keys. Any XP earned will be attributed to the Genesis Keys stored in your cold wallet.

1 - Switch Your Wallet

Switch to your cold wallet. Keep this tab open.

2 - Connect Your Cold Wallet

Connect your cold wallet to Mintify. Keep this tab open.

3 - Sign With Your Cold Wallet

Click the "Verify Cold Wallet" button to prove ownership while connected with your cold wallet.

4 - Switch Back to Your Hot Wallet

Once you've verified ownership of the cold wallet address holding your Genesis Keys, you may switch back and continue using Mintify with your hot wallet.
What is wallet delegation?
The act of entrusting proof-of-ownership of your cold wallet crypto holdings to another wallet. This lets you participate and earn XP on your hot wallet for the Genesis Keys in your cold wallet.


Why delegate your wallet?

Earn rewards safely from a hot wallet while your Genesis Keys are secure in your cold wallet. Delegating your wallet and trading out of your hot wallet protects the assets held in your cold wallet while you earn rewards simultaneously.

Is delegating your wallet safe?

Generally, yes. Mintify delegation is designed to be secure and delegate rights to prove ownership of your Genesis Keys. Delegating your wallet does not and cannot transfer assets from either your hot or cold wallet.

Are there fees for delegating?

There are no fees for Mintify Wallet Delegation.

Can you un-delegate or revoke the delegation?

Yes, you can enter the delegation interface, connect and sign in, and click the “Remove” button to sign a gas-less transaction and prove ownership and remove the delegation.

Can you delegate multiple wallets to a vault?

No, when you delegate your vault, you cannot delegate this address to another hot wallet within Mintify. You may only have one hot and one cold wallet delegated at any one time.