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Complete your profile to take advantage of all the features and stay on top of all the upcoming drops.
Head over to your account settings by clicking your profile icon on the top right corner and click account settings.

Setup Smart Notifications

Head over to your Account Settings > Notifications, and click Subscribe, if you've opted in successfully the button should now say "Unsubscribe".
If you get a prompt on your browser, make sure to click "Allow". '
How to turn off push notifications
If you want to turn off push notifications just click "Unsubscribe". We currently support Brave, Chrome, and Firefox, and Safari.

Setup your 1-click-whitelist address

If you want to use our 1-click-wl feature that helps you get whitelist spots with one click make sure to setup a dedicated hot wallet address under your settings. We recommend using a secondary ETH address just for the 1-click-wl mints and take all precautions. Even though we check the collections we feature and collaborate with we can't guarantee your safety as we are not affiliated with any of these communities.

Add your email address

It's important to setup your email address in order to receive email notifications for all the upcoming drops as well as login using your email address instead of signing a transaction.