Boosts & Multipliers

Hold one of the NFTs below in your wallet while you are trading to earn boosts and multipliers.

FUTR Multiplier on ETH

FUTR One is our official PFP collection that we've launched in December 2022 as a free drop. The PFP Collection was designed in partnership with Nostalgic Scarlett.

  • FUTR One XP Boosts (based on the number of FUTR held):

  • Tier 1: 1 FUTR, 1.1x XP

  • Tier 2: 10 FUTR, 1.42x XP

  • Tier 3: 30+ FUTR, 1.969x XP

Partner Collections 2X Multiplier

Through Partner Collections, Mintify welcomes new audiences to the cross-chain NFT Orderbook while supporting like-minded ecosystems, teams, and communities. Mintify is honored to partner with Metaverse HQ on Ethereum L1 and TinFun on Blast L2 to enable token-gated 2x XP (double non-holder rate) for their native ecosystem NFTs when trading on Mintify. For the next two months (ending May 29, 2024), the below collections earn 2x XP on Mintify (no Season XP):

Metaverse HQ on ETH

Buy, bid, list, and accept offers on Ethereum L1 and earn All-Time XP at 2x the base rate (0.01 ETH = 0.5 XP)

TinFun on Blast

Buy, bid, list, and accept offers on Blast L2 and earn Blast XP (BXP) and All-Time XP at 2x the base rate (0.01 ETH = 0.5 XP) At the end of the two-month 2x XP period, MVHQ on ETH and TinFun on Blast will maintain an indefinite boost of 1.2x (20% over the non-holder rate).

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