Lootboxes: Exchange your Season XP to open Lootboxes that contain rewards like ETH, NFTs, All-Time XP (related to $MINTIFY), and more.

Mechanics: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Artifact

  • Tiers have unique odds and roll from predefined ranges of All-Time XP

  • Legendary / Artifact Tiers have a 50% chance to roll liquid ETH, NFTs, etc.

  • Lootbox mechanics are the same cross-chain, but prizes are native to the chain

  • Earning XP: Buy, bid, list, accept offers on the Mintify Orderbook and hold Keys (any chain) for XP

    • Hold Keys for Passive XP

    • Buy NFTs on the Mintify Marketplace

    • Bid Earn+ collections on the Mintify Marketplace

    • List Earn+ collections on the Mintify Marketplace

Opening Lootboxes:

  • Pick how many Lootboxes to open simultaneously; the larger the quantity, the greater the discount

  • All-Time XP rewards are instantly split and distributed across all the Keys you hold

  • Monetary rewards are manually transferred to winners at the end of each week

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