🔑Blast Keys - BLAST

Mintify Blast Keys: All Mintify Blast Keys are the same Tier and earn Season, All-Time, and Blast XP (BXP) converted from the volume traded on Mintify.

  • Supply: 6,773

  • Discord Access

  • Passive XP: 10 XP per day

  • Alphabot Allowlist Raffles

Qualify for Blast Gold:

  • Have 1 BXP+ between Blast Gold distribution periods.

  • Holders and non-holders with 1 BXP+ are eligible to earn Blast Gold.

Blast Key BXP (Blast XP) Multipliers:

Blast Keys serve as a multiplier for all BXP earned. Every additional Blast Key that you hold will non-linearly increase your multiplier from a minimum of 1.2x (120%) with 1 Blast Key up to 3x (300%).

Per-Key multipliers gradually decrease from 5 Blast Keys to 125 Blast Keys at inflection points based on holder data. Variable Key amounts allow for a wide range of users to capitalize on their preferred multiplier in tandem with [redacted] to gratuitously reward users based on their tiered placement within the ecosystem.

Blast Gold Distribution:

  • 100% of future Blast Gold distributions are based on the amount of BXP individual users have

  • BXP is un-tradable and wallet-bound, and is not transferred when buying or selling Blast Keys

  • BXP / BXP Leaderboard ranks will reset after every subsequent Blast Gold Distribution

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