🔑Genesis Keys - ETH

Mintify Genesis Key Traits:

  • All-Time XP: Shows the total XP earned across all seasons — related to the future Ecosystem Token $MINTIFY

  • Season XP: Shows the available Season XP you currently have — used to unlock Lootboxes for rewards

  • SZN# Eligible: Shows if this NFT is eligible for the current SZN

  • Tier: Lifetime > Lite > Genesis

Mintify Genesis Key Tiers: All Mintify Genesis Keys earn Season and All-Time XP Passively and converted from the volume traded on Mintify.

  • Lifetime Tier: Migrated from the retired Lifetime Pass collection

    • Supply: 800

    • Discord Access

    • Occasional Airdrops

    • 4x Passive XP: 40 XP per day

    • Free Access to all future SZNs

    • Lifetime holder Alphabot allowlist raffles

    • 100 XP bonus per Lifetime Key bridged

  • Lite Tier: Migrated from the retired Lite Pass collection

    • Supply: 850

    • Discord Access

    • 2x Passive XP: 20 XP per day

    • 25% off all future SZNs

    • Alphabot allowlist raffles

  • Base Tier:

    • Supply: 4,191

    • Discord Access

    • Passive XP: 10 XP per day

    • Alphabot Allowlist Raffles

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