🪙Royalties & ERC721C

Mintify is now powered by LimitBreak’s Payment Processor V2, enabling Creators using ERC-721C contracts to choose how their collections are traded and what royalty is paid on a contract level.

For legacy contracts on ETH we are enforcing a minimum of 0.5%

For 721C contracts on ETH through PPV2 we are enforcing full royalties

For all types of contracts on Blast we are currently enforcing full royalties

What does this mean for users?

This means Mintify users continue to have access to the deepest liquidity, thinnest spreads and global access to permissioned or restricted collections and private marketplaces.

ERC-721C contracts allow Creators to natively filter and block trading for specific marketplaces based on the royalty registry. Because Mintify recognizes on-chain royalty enforcement, current and future 721C collections will never be blocked, and are always available for trading on Mintify.

When is the Payment Processor used?

When a 721C collection whitelists the Payments Processor, Mintify will respect the defined on-chain royalty enforcement parameters.

Mintify Marketplace utilizes Seaport for Legacy contracts (non-721C), where when royalties are not enforced on a contract level, they fall back to 0.5%.

For Creators: Editing Your Collection and Setting Royalties

If you are a creator you can set your preferred royalties for your collection as well as update the title, social links, description, and banners, by following the steps below.

  • Connect using the same wallet address you've used when you've deployed the contract

  • Search for your collection using your contract or name

  • If you've signed in as the deployer you should see a green button right after the social links or underneath the title.

  • Click the button and add your preferred royalties for your collection. Currently we are capping all collections to 5% but this might change in the future.

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