Leaderboard Overview

The ultimate reward system for NFT traders. Participate in our Leaderboard SZNs by trading on Blast and/or ETH, earning XP, and redeeming it for rewards.

Getting Started:

  • Earn Passive XP daily for each Key you hold

  • Earn XP converted from volume you trade through Mintify

  • Holding multiple Keys mirrors any XP earned across every Key that you hold

  • Buy, bid, and list across any external marketplace through Mintify, but earn the most XP only on Mintify

  • Base Leaderboard: Coming Soon

Base XP Rates & Key Mechanics:

  • Not a Key holder: 0.01 ETH = 0.25 XP

    • Earn All-Time XP related to $MINTIFY

    • XP earned by non-holders is wallet-bound

  • Holding ONE Key: 0.01 ETH = 1 XP

    • Earn All-Time XP related to $MINTIFY

    • Earn Season XP to open Lootboxes

    • Double XP Weekends and Events

    • XP earned by holders is bound to their Key/s’ metadata

  • Holding MULTIPLE Keys: 0.01 ETH = 1 XP

    • Everything from individual Key holders

    • XP is mirrored across every Key that you hold

      • Earn 100 XP with 10 Keys = 1,000 XP (100 XP on each Key)

      • Earn 100 XP with 50 Keys = 5,000 XP (100 XP on each Key)

How to Earn XP: Earn the most XP on Mintify

  • Direct Buy NFTs on the Mintify Orderbook for the most XP. Aggregated sales still award XP.

  • List NFTs on the Mintify Orderbook and earn XP over time while your listings are active and XP based on the volume when your listing is sold. Listings closer to the floor earn more XP.

  • Bid on NFTs on the Mintify Orderbook and earn XP over time while your bids are active and XP based on the volume when your bid is fulfilled. Bids closer to the floor earn more XP.


  • How does the XP system work?

    Mintify’s internal XP system is private; however, the normal, or “Base” XP rate is 0.01 ETH per 0.5 XP.

    • Mintify Orderbook actions accumulate XP at a rate of 2x, or 0.01 ETH per 1 XP

    • Mintify Aggregator actions accumulate XP at a rate of 1x, or the Base XP rate

    Bid and listing XP accumulates passively (attributed every 24 hours) while the order/s are active, or at the time of order fulfillment (bid/listing completed).

    • Bids and listings closer to the floor accumulate more XP, while bids and listings farther from the floor accumulate XP at a lesser rate

    • Listing below the floor (undercutting) incurs a penalty. The more the listing undercuts the floor, the less XP the listing accumulates.

    XP accumulated is reflected in the metadata of your Genesis Keys and is tradable on secondary marketplaces. Whenever a Genesis Key is transferred to another wallet (to yourself or through a sale), the XP on the Key transfers with it.

  • How do Loot Boxes work?

    Loot Boxes are exchanged for Season XP in the XPStore. Contents include All-Time XP, NFTs, Crypto, & Ecosystem/Partner Perks.

    • Not all Loot is created equal; pull it before someone else does

    • New Loot every week; whatever isn't pulled goes into the final week jackpot

    • Save up XP to exchange bulk for a discount or exchange fewer, quicker to hunt the big prizes

    Each item of Loot has a fixed roll rate, some items are more common, while others are exceedingly rare.

    • XP rewards are attributed instantly

    • Internal monetary rewards are distributed weekly

    • Partner rewards are subject to third party discretion

  • What is “Season XP”?

    The total XP you have accumulated to open Lootboxes in the XPStore. Every Genesis Key automatically accumulates 10 Season XP daily.

    • Buy, bid, list, and accept-bids through the Mintify Orderbook for 2x XP.

    • Orders completed on external marketplaces through the Mintify aggregator accumulate XP at the normal rate.

    Season XP is limited to 1,000 per day per Key (resets daily at 8 PM UTC), but All-Time XP is uncapped and directly related to our future Ecosystem Token, $MINTIFY.

    • E.g., if you hold 1 Genesis Key, you can trade or mint to earn up to 1,000 XP on that Key.

    • E.g., if you hold 10 Genesis Keys, you can trade or mint earn up to 10,000 XP (1,000 on each Key simultaneously)

  • What is “All-Time XP”?

    A metric directly related to our future Ecosystem Token, $MINTIFY

    • All-Time XP is an inclusive calculation of all your accumulated Season XP, and any XP you earned beyond the daily 1,000 Season XP limit.

    • E.g., If you purchase an NFT through the Terminal for 50 ETH, that would convert to 5,000 XP, of which 1,000 XP is reflected as Season XP, and 5,000 XP is reflected as All-Time XP.

  • What is “Direct Minting”?

    Mintify’s Direct Mint module effortlessly mints any open/public collection directly through the smart contract and features real-time monitoring and prevention via our partnership with Webacy.

    • Direct Mint XP is awarded for every individual token minted, and mirrored across every Key you hold. Paid mints earn 5x more XP than free mints. Free mints only award XP on ETH L1.

  • Can I accumulate XP with no Genesis Keys?

    Yes! If you trade or mint through Mintify without any Genesis Keys, you earn Wallet-Bound XP at a rate of 25% (0.25x) that of Genesis Key holders.

    • Wallet-Bound XP is All-Time XP and cannot be used in the XP store to open Loot Boxes, but qualifies the wallet for our future Ecosystem Token, $MINTIFY.

  • How are Genesis Keys connected to the future Ecosystem Token $MINTIFY?

    Allocation for Mintify’s Ecosystem Token, $MINTIFY, will incorporate All-Time XP as one of the metrics. You can actively and passively accumulate All-Time XP by holding, trading, and minting with Genesis Keys in your wallet, or delegated to your wallet.

  • What are the perks for holding multiple Genesis Keys?

    Passive XP stacks for every Genesis Key you hold, and all Trading and Minting XP is mirrored across all Genesis Keys that you hold. Each Key operates similar to a multiplier; the more Keys you hold, the more XP you can accumulate faster.

    • E.g., 1,000 XP with 10 Keys = 10,000 XP with 1,000 on each Key

  • What are FUTR PFPs for?

    FUTR was a fun free mint for the Mintify community to represent the brand, but has gradually evolved into much more.

    FUTR grant XP multipliers for all XP-bearing actions based on the number held.

    • Tier 1: 1 FUTR, 1.1x XP

    • Tier 2: 10 FUTR, 1.42x XP

    • Tier 3: 30+ FUTR, 1.969x XP

  • Where can I find a Genesis Key’s available Season XP?

    You can use our Token Checker to see real-time XP values and available Season XP:

  • What are the differences between the three Genesis Tiers?

    The Genesis Tier is the primary Key tier that minted on July 31, 2023. Before releasing our Genesis Keys, we had two standalone collections, the Lifetime Pass and the Lite Pass.

    Lifetime Passes minted early 2022, and Lite Passes were airdropped to Lifetime holders in Sept. 2022. We have reconciled all collections under one, and thus created the Genesis Key collection.

    Unbridged Lifetime and Lite passes can bridge to the Genesis Key collection until Aug. 01 2024.

  • Can the XP system change?

    Yes, we reserve the right to make reasonable adjustments to the XP system and XPStore at any time to ensure it operates smoothly.

    Suspicious transactions between wallets will be flagged; we may take action without notice, such as resetting your points or disqualifying your Genesis Key(s) if we suspect foul play.

  • Will there be Genesis Key mints in the future?

    • If there is higher demand for future SZNs, another mint is possible. Keys retain seniority based on mint SZN and historical XP accumulation. Any newly minted Keys would reflect their lesser seniority.

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